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Hey speaker, it's me keywords

smart speaker image | Kevin Bhagat, Unsplash

In the information age it doesn't take long for "the next big thing" to come along. As of January 2018, CNBC reported that more than 39 million adults in the United States own voice-activated smart speakers like an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device. Smart speaker technology is taking off and quickly outpacing the adoption of other smart devices like phones and tablets.

What does this mean for the modern marketer? Well, a lot if your digital strategy includes search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising or keyword-related searches to reach your audience or sell your products. Google recently reported that of all searches performed on mobile devices, up to 20% are voice searches on smart speakers and other voice-activated apps.

In addition to searches, purchases made via smart speakers are also on the rise and Amazon has announced "big plans" for sponsored products and advertising on the Alexa platform this year. (Video: CNBC)

How smart speakers will change the way you reach customers and tell your story will play out over the next few years as more smart devices are added to households across the country. It won't hurt to start thinking about the potential for advertising on these platforms now and how to change your keyword research to include not only what people are typing into a mobile browser, but also what they are saying to it.

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